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Pagan Basics: How You Talk to Your Food, How You are Buried, and Other Linkage

• The slow abandonment of Pagan religion might be reflected in burials from early medieval France. “Within some of the tombs, the archaeologists discovered objects that suggest the persistence of pagan rites, even though Christianity was becoming more prevalent.” None of the articles that I have read give dates for these burials, so I am […]

Science Cannot Explain Me . . .

. . . or any other left-handed person. Are we “damaged”? Genetically different? Who knows? When I was a student at Reed College, we often fled south to San Francisco at spring break or other times, “itching to get away from Portland, Oregon.” And one day five Reedies squeezed into a booth at the late, […]

Hail, Caffeina, Goddess of Health!

A little idol like this one, purchased at the Nashville Parthenon* gift shop, sits on my bookshelf. Truly, Caffeina rewards her followers, as this article in The Atlantic notes: But that caffeine is only mechanism behind coffee’s health effects is supported by a small study of 554 Japanese adults from October that looked at coffee and green […]

I Rarely Eat Doughnuts . . .

(well, I did have one yesterday at a meeting), but I would go here for doughnuts.

Eating Tomatoes Makes You a Christian

Salafist Muslims proclaim that eating tomatoes might lead you down the false path to Christianity. The group posted a photo on its page of a tomato – which appears to reveal the shape of a cross after being cut in half – along with the message: “Eating tomatoes is forbidden because they are Christian. [The […]

It’s Mabon, so … canta y no llores

My approach to the eight-festival Pagan calendar works like this: the cross-quarter days are for ritual—be that outdoor bonfires or black candles at midnight. The quarter days—solstices and equinoxes—are for public and communal celebrations: with the whole public, not just with other Pagans. The fall equinox offers choice of harvest festivals: the Chile & Frijoles […]

Religion and Foodways

Read this post about an Egyptian television cooking show and the importance of foodways in religion, if only for the all-too-typical “Polish cookies” anecdote. I cannot see any Pagans today using the “Polish cookies” line, although we do have all too many people invested in boundary maintenance. What is [any subdivision of’] Pagan cooking, anyway? […]

Dietary Advice for Editors, Proofreaders

This kind of nutritional news is much-discussed in my house. I have been taking fish-oil capsules for several years, as well as lutein for my eyes.  Now I crave some sardines: “health food in a can,”  as someone said.

Cocktails for Pagans

Who says that today’s Pagans are not influencing the larger culture? The New York Times’ Style section offers the “right drink” for every winter holiday party, including the Bohemian Spritz for “dilettante Pagans” celebrating the solstice. (If that link is problematic, try this one.) For those slightly weary of the familiar fa-la-la, or for those […]

Why You Should Lock Your Car While Shopping at Whole Foods

“Ethical consumers less likely to be kind and more likely to steal, study finds,” is the subhead on an article in the lefty British newspaper The Guardian. OK, several caveats. This is one study by two social scientists in Canada. Science reporting in the daily press is sometimes sensationalized, and, further, I think you can […]