Hail, Caffeina, Goddess of Health!

A little idol like this one, purchased at the Nashville Parthenon* gift shop, sits on my bookshelf. Truly, Caffeina rewards her followers, as this article in The Atlantic notes:

But that caffeine is only mechanism behind coffee’s health effects is supported by a small study of 554 Japanese adults from October that looked at coffee and green tea drinking habits in relation to the bundle of risk factors for coronary artery disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes known together as metabolic syndrome. Only coffee — not tea — was associated with reduced risk, mostly because of dramatic reductions observed in serum triglyceride levels.

So aside from caffeine, just what are you getting in a cup, or two, or six? Thousands of mostly understudied chemicals that contribute to flavor and aroma, including plant phenols, chlorogenic acids, and quinides, all of which function as antioxidents. Diterpenoids in unfiltered coffee may raise good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. And, okay, there’s also ash which, to be fair, is no more healthful than you would think — though it certainly isn’t bad for you.

* Is it a functioning Pagan shrine? You bet it is.

3 thoughts on “Hail, Caffeina, Goddess of Health!

  1. Hi Chas:

    Nice to know I’m not the only polytheist to recognize what the Parthenon really is – I’ve poured several libation to Athena on the lawn over the years …

    Be well,
    Dave H

  2. Its nice to see mention of the Parthenon out here in the ether. I learned about it from the article in the Green Egg Omelette, but still have yet to make the pilgrimage. I would love to make a visit. It must be very popular — that spiritual warfare post I wrote way back when which discussed the Parthenon has garnered quite a bit of attention, although I highly doubt I offer the information the viewers wanted, ha! 😛

    As for Caffeina, it tickles me that you brought her to mind. When I hear her name, I am reminded of a story one of my friends related to me (long ago) after returning from one of the large East Coast pagan festivals. Starwood maybe? Anyway, there was a very elaborate, devout, serious rite to honour the Sun held at sunrise during one of festival days & the pesky Discordian contingency (oh, those Discordians!) came clamouring into the circle performing an improv ceremony for Caffeina. No one was amused, except of course, the Discordians. The story still makes me chuckle. It also makes me consider the condition of Discordia so many years later… I don’t think they would ever get away with something like that nowadays. That is, if there are even any left.

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