Pentagram Pizza for May 15, 2012

• At The Allergic Pagan, a three-part series on Neopaganism in America (link goes to the third part) with a lot of “whatever happened to?”.

• Jason Pitzl-Waters uses the reunion of the band Dead Can Dance (one of my favorites) to look back at the history of Pagan music.

• A new blog devoted to the history of Chicago occultism has me excited, since I will be there in November.

2 thoughts on “Pentagram Pizza for May 15, 2012

  1. I was also excited to see the Occult Chcago blog come on line. I stumbled upon it via a recent search.
    I don’t think many folks are aware there were quite a few thriving occult and magical traditions here in the US even prior to the rise of such in Victorian England.

  2. Good reading about the occult history. The whole celebratory/esoteric battle reminds me of the conflicts between Christian Pentecostals and Catholics.
    Poke Runyon’s podcast is also recommended, but lordy does he need to get a better microphone.

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