Pentagram Pizza for May 15, 2012

• At The Allergic Pagan, a three-part series on Neopaganism in America (link goes to the third part) with a lot of “whatever happened to?”.

• Jason Pitzl-Waters uses the reunion of the band Dead Can Dance (one of my favorites) to look back at the history of Pagan music.

• A new blog devoted to the history of Chicago occultism has me excited, since I will be there in November.

2 thoughts on “Pentagram Pizza for May 15, 2012

  1. Henry

    I was also excited to see the Occult Chcago blog come on line. I stumbled upon it via a recent search.
    I don’t think many folks are aware there were quite a few thriving occult and magical traditions here in the US even prior to the rise of such in Victorian England.

  2. Rummah

    Good reading about the occult history. The whole celebratory/esoteric battle reminds me of the conflicts between Christian Pentecostals and Catholics.
    Poke Runyon’s podcast is also recommended, but lordy does he need to get a better microphone.

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