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The Maskers and the Money

Krampus parades, both from Austrian ski resort towns. To what extent they are underwritten by local tourism authorities I do not know. (Thanks to folk musician and writer Andy Letcher.) When I was 16-17 years old, I lived part of each year in Mandeville, Jamaica, up in the hills, during breaks from school in the […]

Last Yuletide News Bits

• This is your brain. This is your brain on Christmas. • “How the Lawyers Stole Winter”  — are we raising kids who can’t cope? No, it’s not Yule-related, directly. Indirectly, yes, I would argue. You have to embrace all of the wheel. • No matter how “imagistic” it may be, Iraqi Christians are afraid […]

Why I Feel Sorry for Christians at Christmas

So here it is, two days before Christmas, birthday of Christ the Savior, etc., and I am feeling sorry for the Christian clergy, at least some of them. Along with Easter, this is their big religious holiday. The Incarnation of God—in their theology. And they have to beg people to put down the presents and […]

Should Paganized Yule Carols Be Encouraged?

Evangelical Christians are always swiping slogans and memes from media or popular culture and Christ-fying them. On the Baptist Church signboard that I pass on the way into Pueblo, I have seen “Got Jesus?”—an obvious steal from the dairy industry’s “Got milk?” campaign. Here are more examples of “Christ-ification.” (“Got Jesus?” is there too.) So […]

Father Christmas in the Wild

Just to put you in the holiday mood. You don’t think that he just appears out of nowhere, do you? Want more?

Teachers’ Resources for the Winter Solstice

By Ronald Hutton in the Times (London) Educational Supplement, with special attention to mumping. The third characteristic of midwinter is charity, based on the humane impulse to assist those who not could afford to make merry (and coupled with the more practical reality that the poor might slit their wealthier neighbours’ throats unless their resentments […]

Not *My* Ancient Pagan Survival

All right, you have put away the skulls, bats, and dishes for your ancestors, all the while humming, “It’s the Most Magickal Time of the Year.” It’s time to think about Yule! And to ponder, is this custom an ancient Pagan survival? (Slightly NSFW.) As for your pre-Christian traditional Yule tree, Obama wants to tax […]

Los Matachines at Yule

You hear different languages. There are French tourists, German tourists, and some guy in a Rasta tam. Another man looks like he came straight from the nearby Overland Sheepskin Co. store, pausing only to snip the tags off his coat. I am not the only one in the artsy Anglo uniform of broad-brimmed hat, colorful […]

‘A Ritual of Transformation’

Preparing for last night’s solstice-eclipse, the Montreal Gazette went looking for the Pagan perspective. There are two of them actually: The UPG, it’s-personal version … “It’s a ritual of transformation from darkness into light,” says Nicole Cooper, a high priestess at Toronto’s Wiccan Church of Canada. “It’s the idea that when things seem really bleak, […]

The ‘War on Solstice’

At Huffington Post, Bron Taylor celebrates winning the “war on solstice.” For conservatives involved in the West’s predominant religions, these are unwelcome developments. Progressives may ridicule those who claim that there is now a cultural “War on Christmas” but Christian conservatives do have reason to worry. They know that their cultural influence has been waning, […]