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When Trees Disappear

First, the background story. Back in 2011, I wrote about making an offering to Tlaloc, Southwestern god of the hydrological cycle (among other things), at a tiny mountain spring near my home. The spring is high on the side of a ridge, fed by that year’s snow and rain, which meant it often dries up […]

Beavering Away at Home

Once in a while, I like to note that Hardscrabble Creek is a real place. The beaver pair had kits this year, and they also expanded their dams from two to five. A couple of years ago, they left because they had eaten all the available deciduous forage, mostly narrowleaf cottonwood and willows. Will the […]

A Phone Call for Owlivia

I have two volunteer gigs, and they both involve unexpected telephone calls. For the rural volunteer fire department, it will be a recorded voice saying something like, “We have a smoke report east of Highway 165 and north of Highway 78.” That is followed by a sudden switch into Nomex clothing, either the yellow shirt/green […]

Walk Past that Eagle Feather?

Some of the people who sell items made with wild-animal parts know the law, and some do not, based on what I have seen at festivals and on websites. So here is a reminder. Possession of raptor parts in the United States is federally regulated, and possession of eagle feathers or parts are highly regulated. […]

The Wheel of the Year Slips its Cog…

. . . to borrow a phrase from another blogger. This summer has been a tough one, trying to keep the garden alive, always watching for forest fires — fighting a couple of small ones with the local volunteer fire department. The hummingbirds have been working the feeder hard for weeks — broad-tails and black-chinned, […]

No to “Neopagan,” plus Other Pagan Blogging

• At Pagans for Archaeology, Yewtree makes the argument (started by Graham Harvey, as I understand) against using the term “Neopagan.” • Lupa at No Unsacred Place on greeting the land in a new place. • At The Alchemist’s Garden, can your spirit helper be a machine? • Finally, at This Lively Earth, some thoughts […]

Between Life and Death, No Balance

That was the title of a post that I wrote yesterday evening on my other blog. I wish that I could think of some cool animistic perspective to take, but  cannot. When you are trying to save one critter, you kill others. I think that is called “being in the world.”

Gallimaufry with Bones

• I like animal skulls—I have a wall of them. At Crooked & Hidden Bones, read about the revival of a technique for “reddening the bones.” Talk about going back  to very old ways of treating special or sacred bones. This is what the family did with your great x 150 grandfather. • Here is […]

Time Is Flowing By

I have new blog posts in the works, but I had to take off Tuesday and go fishing in the Arkansas River above Cañon City, where these Canada geese were parading up and down the bank, the parents seeming to ponder whether the goslings could handle the current yet. (Of course they could—in the slacker […]

Biologist Wants to Ban Howling at Wolves

A biologist and consultant to national parks is telling wolf-cultists in Canada not to howl at their four-legged gurus. Alberta carnivore expert Cam McTavish says it is animal harassment. “When we have commercial groups or individuals or even researchers that are randomly calling wolf howls, I feel it is unwarranted,” he says. “In my opinion, […]