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Beavering Away at Home

Once in a while, I like to note that Hardscrabble Creek is a real place. The beaver pair had kits this year, and they also expanded their dams from two to five. A couple of years ago, they left because they had eaten all the available deciduous forage, mostly narrowleaf cottonwood and willows. Will the […]

Oceania Has Always Been at War with Lemuria

The Los Angeles Review of Books offers a review of two books on Ray Palmer, the Shaver Mystery, and pulp-esoteric publishing of the 1940s–50s: The War Over Lemuria and The Man from Mars : Ray Palmer’s Amazing Pulp Journey. From the review: Of course, the underground worlds of Richard Shaver did not spring full grown […]

Magick and Improvisational Comedy

Really? Witchcraft at Second City Chicago? Magical warding for the building? Or were those “demons” just metaphorical? How come this was not part of last November’s “Occult Chicago” tour?

Journalism and the AAR-SBL

Journalists are few at the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature’s joint annual meetings.  But the New York Times‘ Mark Oppenheimer, searching around for “the narrative,” noted that some fraction of the participants wore flowing robes and weirdly remarked about people carrying hefty reference books, as  Steven Ramey notes in his fisking […]

A Day and a Night in Occult Chicago

For the third time in four years, we had a pre-conference event that tied into Pagan studies somehow. (Previously: Montréal, San Francisco.) This was the Occult Chicago conference organized by Jason Winslade at DePaul University—his take on “Chicago Quarter,” an urban orientation class that all first-year DePaul students must take. Imagine a bright new student […]

The ‘Occult Chicago’ Event

Looking forward to this event a lot. It should fortify me for the hard business of a confrontation with a certain publisher’s editorial director. And keep an eye on Rik Garrett’s Occult Chicago blog. Why don’t you start one for your town?

Call For Papers, Presentations, Workshops, Rituals and Performances Mapping the Occult City: Exploring Magick and Esotericism in the Urban Utopia

A pre-conference for the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religions in Chicago, on Friday November 16, 2012, presented by Phoenix Rising Academy and DePaul University. In his classic essay, “Walking in the City,” ethnologist and historian Michel de Certeau distinguished between the “exaltation of a scopic and gnostic drive” that comes from viewing […]