‘Gentle Whispering’ Meets the Triple Goddess or the Three Fates or Something

This post goes here because (a) a Pagan blogger, Moma Fauna, introduced me to the whole concept of “autonomous sensory meridian response” and (b) three women in hooded robes? That seems sort of familiar.

Videos of whispery women carefully opening packages and greeting cards do not put me into a trance state, but I will admit that when I was in school, certain teachers’ voices (usually female) had almost the same effect.

For a full explanation, read this from Boing Boing.


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  1. Medeina Ragana says:

    I’ve seen those videos of those “whisphery women” and I wish I could say to them: Speak Up! No one can understand what the heck you’re saying! They’re almost as bad as the women who use “vocal fry”, and almost as annoying.