This is Going to Upset Some Writers on Dreaming

The often-retold story  story about the ring of snakes and the benzene ring in chemistry may be not so true.

By claiming to have made two major discoveries with the help of dreams . . . Kekule shrewdly avoided sharing credit with deserving foreign colleagues. . . . . In a recent article in the British scientific journal Ambix, Dr. Wotiz and Dr. Susanna F. Rudofsky concluded: ”Psychologists have cited the Kekule dream account in support of their preconceived theories, rather than deducing any important novel theories from it.”

Miniver Cheevy.


  1. Moma Fauna says:

    …and I would have believed it forever if it wasn’t for you meddling academics! 😉

  2. Medeine Ragana says:

    The picture on his blog reminds me of Howard Stern… ::shudders::