Don’t Teach My Kid Greek Mythology

From a report on the school-board meeting from our county’s weekly newspaper:

Sheri Shreve was upset that fourth graders were learning Greek mythology and seeing pictures she felt were inappropriate for children.

Yes, your fourth-grader might end up at a liberal arts college like Bryn Mawr and join the Pagan Club.


  1. Pitch313 says:

    If only education did not involve anybody learning anything…we would all of us be so content in knowing nothing…

  2. Sheri Shreve is absolutely right, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

  3. Hecate says:

    Something tells me that Ms. Shreve’s progeny are unlikely to wind up at Bryn Mawr.

  4. Bo says:

    Move country, Chas.

  5. Chas Clifton says:

    I doubt, Bo, if all eight-year-olds in British state schools are exposed to Greek mythology either. Indeed, I doubt if eight-year-olds in Greece are exposed to Greek mythology, although I would be delighted to be told otherwise.