A Brand-New Holiday for Dogs

I am punting on this post, referring you instead to this one by John Beckett on this year’s new holiday (greeting cards will be available next year, I am sure): “Celebrating Wolfenoot as a Pagan.”

Yesterday I celebrated my friendship with A Certain Dog by cleaning up all the piles of vomit he created, indoors and out in the dog run, after eating . . . a bunch of deer parts he found in the woods, near as I can tell. Plus his breakfast.

I tried telling him that he did not have to eat it all at once, but could bring some home in his carrion bag. Did he listen?

2 thoughts on “A Brand-New Holiday for Dogs

  1. Kalinysta

    Great! This goes along with National Cat Day (https : // en . wikipedia . org / wiki / National_Cat_Day)

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