When Librarians Strike Back

A fairly brilliant fund-raising idea in Alamogordo, New Mexico: funding a new library with photos of a local book-burning.

The book burning pitted two opposing points of view. It was “not a book-burning, but a holy bonfire,” according to the church’s founding pastor, Jack Brock…..On one side [of the street] were Brock and members of his congregation. They burned a few books in the Harry Potter series and other titles, and “pornographic magazines,” Brock said in a telephone interview Saturday.

They stated the belief that the books had satanic origins and could influence children to take up witchcraft.

Oh, that “satanic” Potter kid. Let’s make him the poster child for libraries and bookstores everywhere.

Wait, he already is! Right: Hogwarts-themed bookstore parade entry, Fourth of July 2007, Mendocino, California.

(Pointy-hat tip to Broomstick Chronicles.)

UPDATE: Bad link fixed (Thanks, Erik).