Out with Mabon, In with La Catrina

La Catrina at the Hanging Tree Cafe.

Grumble grumble. Now  Día de los muertos decorations  are on display in late September.

The Chile & Frijoles Festival was last weekend, the equinox, and it’s on to the next holy day(s)!

At the Hanging Tree Cafe, it is kind of Día de los muertos every day. Today, though, I see the owner (tall guy, cowboy hat, tattoos) hanging an articulated skeleton from the ceiling of the main dining room.

It was a very Instagramable moment, which is why I did not Instagram it.

2 thoughts on “Out with Mabon, In with La Catrina

  1. kalinysta

    You’re complaining about Dia de los Muertos decorations in September? Ha! In my neck of the woods, Lowe’s has had Christmas decorations up at the beginning of September!

    1. OK, that’s just sad. No wonder when the day itself arrives, people are ready to clear out all the decorations on the 26th. No more “twelve days of Christmas” for them!

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