Pagan Humor 1982, from Charles Rodrigues

Drawn by Charles Rodrigues, whose “Charlie” character’s appearance was based on the cartoonist himself. Rodrigues (1926–2004) drew regularly for Cracked, Playboy and National Lampoon. There is more at Wikipedia, including this assessment:

He works at night, which is fitting, since some of his best cartoons deal with the dark side of the psyche. A classic black humorist, he rummages around in violence, insanity, perversion, bigotry and scatology, looking for what he needs to create the typical Rodrigues effect: wild laughter with a cringe of repulsion.

Another fruit of the desk and file cabinet clean-out mentioned previously.

One thought on “Pagan Humor 1982, from Charles Rodrigues

  1. kalinysta

    Amazing what kind of stuff you find digging through the layers. I remember after my mother died and my brother and I were going through her things that we found a file folder absolutely filled with the most raunchy sexual jokes you could imagine! Blew our minds!

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