Blogging from an Undisclosed Location

Blogging tonight from an undisclosed location in northern New Mexico. This is the view from the porch.

Northern New Mexico, after all, is where I became a capital-P Pagan, with only the help of the old poet, Her touch, and the whisper of the acequia entre los sauces. It is where I go to think about things and to catch up with myself. (I realize that I am slightly closer to where I was born than to where I now live.)

The Undisclosed Location has pretty good wifi for not being in town. That’s a bonus. Pronghorn antelope look up from the grass as I drive by on the way to town. And I re-visited a place where they don’t exactly turn boys into men, but maybe into slightly less idiotic boys.

3 thoughts on “Blogging from an Undisclosed Location

  1. How utterly cryptic, Chas! You really are a Pagan, aren’t you? My friend Sam Pillsbury has a place like that, but slightly more accessible. If you can get to Nowhere, find the middle, and there you are!

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  3. Bob Clark

    We were so far “off-the-grid” for six months, that the nearest Walmart was 100 miles away. Was damn glad to get back to civilization again.

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