How Do You Say “Ziggurat” in Icelandic?

Icelandic Pagan religion —  Norse gods and the “Hidden Folk,” right?

Um, there is more. “Iceland’s pagan Zuist religion hopes to build temple.”

Zuist leader Águst Arnar Ágústsson told the paper that the group had always planned to have a place of worship for its followers, but given the movement’s rapid expansion in Iceland, this had grown all the more urgent.

He says the movement needs space for name-giving, weddings and general worship, as well as “beer and prayer” meetings.

Iceland Monitor says that a surge of attraction in Zuism may be because members do not have to pay parish fees. Registered Zuists – also known as Zuistar – are being asked, instead of paying old-school parish fees, to contribute to a Ziggurat Fund to help build and maintain the planned temple.

One thought on “How Do You Say “Ziggurat” in Icelandic?

  1. Kalinysta

    Hmmmm… The referenced article says that the Zuists claim that the Sumerian religion is the oldest in the world, however, the Gobeki Teple temple is dated at 11,000 years old (and most likely the people worshiped similar, but different gods), and shamanism is probably considerably older.

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