How Paganism is Good for Men

Lee Kynaston (The Telegraph, UK)

With all the talk about how witchcraft = empowerment for women, here’s something different: “7 things paganism can teach the modern man

It’s in a newspaper, so don’t expect great depth, but at least it means that the Paganism stories now run at the summer solstice, not just at Halloween.

One thought on “How Paganism is Good for Men

  1. Pitch313

    Kynaston is a noted expert on men’s health and grooming and serves as The Telegraph UK’s Men’s Grooming Expert. This is his professional link to men’s concerns, including Paganism. Overall, this suggests to me that his observations about Paganism stand on an informed notion that Paganism is an healthy endeavor and outlook. (I clicked the links on men’s fragrances on The Telegraph site and found them quite intriguing. My own level of sophistication remains at the basic essential oil level.)

    I agree with each of Kynaston’s points about Paganism. Practically speaking, I’d uphold his point 2–“It’s important to stay grounded”–as the thing for Pagans to do. And to learn to do well early on in their skill building.

    My only hesitation has to do with “The Wicker Man.” I have no doubts that it’s an influential and popular movie among and about Pagans. But I have never ranked it among my own favorites.

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