For the Friends of Black Phillip

Yesterday’s post on movies related to Salem witchcraft mentioned The VVitch and the character of Black Phillip, the billy goat. (His real name is Charlie and he “still gives his director nightmares.”)

There  is a billy goat in my magical menagerie too — not quite the same, but close enough that when I saw this pin and embroidered badge at Nerd Scouts, I had to have them.

Live deliciously!

2 thoughts on “For the Friends of Black Phillip

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  2. My neighbor had goats. I agreed to take care of their animals while they were in Florida to visit relatives. Mistake. One of the blasted goats had gotten the chain he was tethered to wrapped up around the stake and I was trying to untangle it when the blasted goat decided my left knee looked like something good to smack, and SMACK he did! I now have knee problems from him. BTW, the goat eventually died and my neighbor, an artist, decided to take his skull and make a sculpture out of it! 🙂

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