A New Look — by Happenstance

About two days ago, my WordPress theme started displaying wrong — and I checked it in three different browsers.

The main text area was fine, but the sidebar background was dark, making the links unreadable unless you moused over them. My “White on Black” Firefox add-on fixed it,but not everyone has that. (LIght-on-dark text is an abomination online for more than a line or three.)

So I found a new theme that was somewhat similar to the old. My main criteria were that the links displayed compactly and likewise block quotations in the posts. And the footnotes — I need to have footnotes.

The photo, in case you wondered, shows an “upslope” cloud bank (cool, moist air) trying to push up the canyon of the Arkansas River in southern Colorado. The view is from the hamlet of Hillside, Colo. The cold air moving from right to left.