Happy Independence Day & Blessed Be

The Stars and Stripes, a Colorado craft beer, and a Ripley’s witchcraft museum goblet. This is actually the summer solstice celebration, I reckon, delayed two weeks.

I’m kicking back after driving one of my department’s fire trucks in Nearby Town’s 4th 0f July parade. Here is a picture of one of the units pre-parade. Kids and an early Farmall Cub. You couldn’t pose that.

5 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day & Blessed Be

    • As Sir Walter Scott wrote,

      Lives there a man with soul so dead,
      Who never to himself hath said–
      [when returning from a foreign strand]
      ‘This is my own, my native land?’

  1. Thank you! I AM patriotic, although I’m not fanatically about it, and I vote.

  2. Shock Top is an Anheuser-Busch brand. Not a craft beer brewed by a small brewery.

    I like to think that the growth of craft brewing gives a kick to a Pagan world view–on the small, local, a bit different side. But it’s really mostly a business. Financing, distribution, and sales count a lot. Craft-like beers are maybe better for business than actual craft ones.

    Let me add that I am all for folks drinking the beer that they like. Pagans got plenty of brew deities!

    • My mistake. The liquor store had in the “Colorado Craft” section, but sometimes “little” brands by big brewers, like Molson-Coors’ “Colorado Native,” have sneaked in there.

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