Pentagram Pizza: Toppings Begone!

pentagrampizzaThe Roman Catholic Church in the United States reports a shortage of exorcists, says a British newspaper.

In lengthy interviews with The Telegraph, the two exorcists discuss how the increase in drug and pornography addiction, failure of the mental healthcare system and a rise in popularity of “pagan activities”, such as using a Ouija board to summon the dead, are among the factors contributing to the huge increase in demand for the Rite.

¶ The title says it: “Why It’s So Damn Difficult to Discuss Occult Topics in the Media.” Of course, if “occult” means hidden, then “media” means the opposite of hidden, and there could just be some tension there.

¶ “Grounding” or “earthing” is not just a magical exercise: it can actually heal your body when done with real earth. Science!

4 thoughts on “Pentagram Pizza: Toppings Begone!

  1. Medeina Ragana

    The article about “grounding” is amazing! Weird thing is that one of my teachers (may he rest in peace), was not only a 33 degree Mason but was involved in other “activities”, and one of the things he told me back in 1974, was that power comes from the Earth, so to draw up power lie with as much skin contact on the Earth as was possible. The interesting thing is that when my Tai Chi master is conducting class and we do certain meditations, we sometimes focus on the chi point that is on the feet and I’ve often thought that that was to “draw up power” from the Earth, although I’d never say that out loud.

  2. Pitch313

    1.) If Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) works for us, then there’s no reason to figure that exposure to abundant free-flowing electrons through skin-to-earth contact wouldn’t.

    2.)It’s damned difficult to discuss any topic in the media, not just occult topics. Maybe the media suffers from an excess of inflammation and is immune to free-flowing electrons.

    3.) More exorcists…for demon-free living? LOL! Free-flowing electron syndrome.

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