The Blue Moon Made Me Do It

A northern Florida sheriff speculates that the deaths of a family were “ritualistic” murders.

“The time of death on Tuesday also coincides with what’s referred to as a blue moon, which occurs every three years.”

According to the Associated Press version, linked above,  which “faith or religion” the sheriff had in mind was not made clear. Not so in the local press — in case you could not guess.

Or is this more like those many instances when archaeologists who cannot explain an artifact’s use label it as a “ritual object”?

It Gets Better: Wiccans Push Back

This is how today is different from the “Satanic Panic” of the 1970s–80s. The Internet makes it easier to push back. “Wicca experts slam Florida sheriff for linking triple murder to ‘witchcraft.'”

Leading experts and practitioners of Wicca and other pagan [sic] religions have slammed a Florida sheriff’s department after police announced that a triple murder was a “ritualistic killing” linked to “witchcraft”.

5 thoughts on “The Blue Moon Made Me Do It

  1. Pitch313

    Well, maybe the ritualism in question has something to do with the blood moon prophecy rather than some paganish imaginings. Lots of religions and spiritual expressions incorporate occult elements and notions, after all.

  2. TheWorm

    similar with “the thin blue line’s attack on cannabis” currently it’s latest trending with a sheriff chief calling SPICE “weaponized marijuana” yet, there is Zero cannabis in it and also marijuana is a vulgar slang in itself as it is cannabis sativa, and cannabis indica and or cannabis hybrid. genus species vs CHEMICALS FROM A LAB

    Why the journalist couldn’t say, “um, you mean weaponized SPICE right chief?” and end the drama… I say journalist, but perhaps that premise needs fixing first too. the moment he took money to do his craft there his sway with me dropped to minus 50. (I HATE LIARS, ESPECIALLY PAID ONES) Any dummy (myself has included) can run a public access tv show and get truth out.

    There’s something called “stealing back” but this is a malicious binding of words with many evil intents as well as opportunities behind it.

    As the most basic OATH to this country has been broken, that of, “the oath of office”, so too have our Constitutional Rights been tread upon by those who break the oath. They appoint more who break the oath and spy and target and one day your apathy can be no more.

    Today it was the CRAFT as the target.
    should care no matter WHO is the target.
    perhaps those in the craft are keeping their heads down and a carrying shorter stick these days? I am not believing that is going to be healthy ultimately.

    We need to say, hey YOUR SPEAKING LIES. right when they do it.
    We need to go BACK and get the BUSH, RUMSFIELD, CHENEY which started this misguided path, and put them in Fort Leavenworth Kansas while dismantling this spy infrastructure so we can SEPERATE THE THREE WORLDS AGAIN.

    where “three worlds Vaguely Visualized” (I am tossing this together so you understand)

    1. Public Life / Youtube/Myspace/Public Access TV/Facecruft/Band/Stage/JOB/DMV/Shopping

    2. Private Life / Family, Lover, Friend Children, Pets, Childish voices, arguments

    3. Sex, God, Secrets

    Surveillance mixes these three worlds with a LAWLESS HARMFUL GRINDER and EXPLOITS THEM!

    If your gay maybe you don’t want that on your TV show.
    If your wife doesn’t know your SECRET girlfriend.
    Or money from one world to the other.
    Maybe your Poor act Rich and are found out and RUINED.

    lots of bad things here, BLACKMAIL, THEFT for those with electronic exploitation. There’s the magic it’s invisible to human eyes. ANd then covered with State Secret LIES.

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