Coming Soon to a Pagan Catalog Near You

perun's ax
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Along with medieval weapon bits, archaeologists digging in in the old center of Königsburg, now the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, on the Baltic Sea, discovered these pendants symbolizing the god Perun, dating from the late Middle Ages.

The article ends, “What can we say, time to buy Perun’s Axe pedants!”

Next to the news article, a link to a story titled “Which Slavic God Are You?” (Veles, thanks for asking.)

Things are changing.


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Pagan Catalog Near You

  1. That’s interesting! Thanks for posting this!

    And, I got Morana, “the Slavic goddess of death, winter, and nightmares,” which kind of surprises me given some of the choices I had to make…!?!

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