Is the Internet Killing Paganism?

I have not been keeping up with my blog-reading, so I just encountered this provocative piece by Sannion at House of Vines: “There’s a reason why Zeus is king of the gods and Hermes isn’t.”

He speaks of Hellenismos mainly, but what he says — as the commenters note — is broadly applicable.

Briefly, his thesis is that the Internet privileges communicators — the “chattering classes” — over doers.

Now I am a card-carrying member of the scribal class — somewhere in the house there should be an old Colorado Press Association ID card, and even rarer, in my desk is my Universal Life Church press pass — so should I be offended.

Not at all. Sannion makes some interesting points.There is more to Paganism(s) than the blogosphere and Twitter. But often you wouldn’t know it.  Read the whole thing.