Ancient Precedents for a Norwegian’s Pro-Psychedelic Campaign

This cartoon was not part of the New York Times story, in case you wondered.

A campaign to legalize LSD, MDMA, and other psychedelics in Norway reaches for ancient precedents. Didn’t the Sami (Lapp) shamans maybe use entheogens? What about those Viking who allegedly chewed on Amanita muscaria?

(Via law-blogger Ann Althouse)

One thought on “Ancient Precedents for a Norwegian’s Pro-Psychedelic Campaign

  1. Pitch313

    My initial encounter with circum-Arctic shamanism was an ethnographic film in which several (purported) Sami guys got high on the urine of mushroom eating reindeer and then on swapping their own urine. the psychedelic components not being much altered by gastrointestinal organs.

    Clinging to my own cultural outlook on such a practice, I figured that such traditional shamanism would not gain traction in the Western world. Even though I think psychedelics probably should have been legal all along.

    A few years later, I met Michael Harner, who offered a different take on exploring shamanic experiences and insights. With less imbibing of mushroom infused urine.

    FWIW, I am also reluctant about psychedelics that prompt nausea and vomiting. I favor the cloud walking part of the trip…

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