Was Lugh a Comet?

Here is the trailer for an Irish television “documentary,” (in Irish with English subtitles), “Gods from the Sky,” which argues that celestial events changed ancient Irish religion.

And if that sounds a bit familiar, perhaps you are remembering Immanuel Velikovsky’s (1895–1979) somewhat similar thesis that the planet Venus entered our solar system twice: “Periodic close contacts with a ‘cometary Venus‘  (which had been ejected from Jupiter) had caused the Exodus events (c. 1500 BCE) and Joshua‘s subsequent “sun standing still” (Joshua 10:12 and 13) incident.”

Other planets caused catastrophes on Earth as well, he claimed.

One thought on “Was Lugh a Comet?

  1. Oh gods…

    I have heard Mike Baillie present on this topic, as well as some of his admirers, in Ireland at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and at Celtic Congresses. Those of us who are entirely skeptical about this matter refer to it as the “Baillie’s Comet theory” (ha–it does rhyme!). He really should have stuck to dendrochronology, which he innovated and has done some important work with, rather than furthering the meme that “myth = bad science” and taking it to ridiculous extremes that suggest not only Lug, but also King Arthur, Cú Chulainn, Cú Roí, the archangel Michael, Finn mac Cumhaill, and various other personages are all the same comet that caused the narrow tree-ring event in the early 6th century CE (and even that isn’t agreed, i.e. that it was a comet rather than something else).


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