The Greatest “Occult” Movies

Still need to see this.

From Ultraculture, a list of nine great movies about the occult and magick — and nine more.

But since there are “honorable mentions” as well, you get more!

Obvious choices (Rosemary’s BabyThe Exorcist), as well as films that present the subject in an exploitative manner (such as those of Dario Argento) have been left out… as have the Harry Potter movies, because that’s just too easy.

The list starts with Häxen: Witchcraft through the Ages (1922), and I have to say that that was one I quit half way through because I was falling asleep. Maybe Twenties audiences were different. But there is a YouTube video linked, and you can see for yourself.

They have Jean Cocteau’s Blood of a Poet, but give his Orpheus just an honorable mention. I would have reversed them!

Lots of Kenneth Anger, of course.

One thought on “The Greatest “Occult” Movies

  1. Medeina Ragana

    I just downloaded a copy of Simon: King of the Witches which I first saw back in the late 1970s, early 1980s. Someone told me that it was allegedly based on Alex Sanders life. ::shrugs:: Don’t care. I loved the movie!

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