What is Your Spirit Animal (Internet Version)?

A piece in The Atlantic takes note of the proliferation of online quizzes devoted to helping you find your “spirit animal.” Sadly, it does not really fulfill the promise of its subtitle: “How did the concept of the spiritual guide leap from Native American tradition to Internet irony? With the help of Tumblr, the Times, and Samuel L. Jackson.” But it’s still a fun read. Pizza? I had no idea.

There are, after all, so many spirit animal options out there, across so many spirit animal categories! If you take the Internet as your spiritual guide, your spirit animal could be another person (Elizabeth Warren, Jennifer Lawrence, Lana del Rey, Stevie Nicks, Bea Arthur), a fake person (Ron Swanson, Nick Miller, Rayanne Graff, Sansa Stark, Liz Lemon), or a fake semi-person (Lisa Simpson). It could be a food (the pizza, the fried green tomato grilled cheese sandwich, the epic Chipotle burrito you had for lunch the other day). It could be an actual animal (the dolphin, the corgi, the sloth, the Geico camel). It could be a Disney princess. It could be Grumpy Cat. It could be science. It could be whiskey.

2 thoughts on “What is Your Spirit Animal (Internet Version)?

  1. James Williams

    My Power Animal sits on my right shoulder. I don’t know his real name but I call him Thomas. He is a sea full with a hawk’s head. I can hear him talk to me, but he has a sarcastic and ironic sense of humor. I journeyed and chose him back in 1988. I turned down a large Griffin. I also have 3 other Spirit Guides with me all the time, as well as always being shadowed all the time by 2 members of the Council of 12. I don’t mind, they are very helpful sometimes.

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