Queen Nefertiti Goes Cuckoo

clock“It’s kind of fascinating but it’s kind of horrifying,” I said to M. across the breakfast table when I saw an ad for “the only cuckoo clock inspired by the Wonders of Ancient Egypt.”

“‘Queen Nefertiti’s regal procession rotates,‘ it says,” I added.

“Horrifying, completely horrifying,” she replied. She detests noise-making clocks and barely tolerates my c.1910 “kitchen clock” that merely strikes the hours.

“You can have it in your study if you turn the sound (‘an exotic melody capturing the mysteries of Ancient Egypt’) off.”

Still, couldn’t you imagine sitting under it as you read John Crowley’s Ægypt sequence?

6 thoughts on “Queen Nefertiti Goes Cuckoo

  1. Medeina Ragana

    Well, it’s from the Bradford Exchange… tschatchkeeville central so what did you expect?

  2. Erik

    I have a fondness for this type of “rotating panorama” clock *as a general rule*, and have done ever since I first read Peter Dickinson’s “Time & the Clockmice, Etc.”… but I fear this particular example could cause lasting psychological damage!

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