New Publishing Opportunity in Euro-Paganism

Headline: “Genetic analysis reveals present-day Europeans descended from at least 3, not 2, groups of ancient humans.”

So how before someone writes a book on “Ancient North Eurasian” shamanic Paganism?  Campfire, drum, bears . . . take it away.

2 thoughts on “New Publishing Opportunity in Euro-Paganism

  1. Maybe it goes another way.

    These genetic studies of European origin populations maybe give weight to cultural legacies and intuitions of practice. About long ago times. About the character of shamanism and its revival among us who have little connection over recent centuries to ongoing shamanism. About relict magic and insight within elements of culture. About recurrent themes of wisdom. insight, and danger. About who we might, in part, be or become.

    I gotta say that three ancient populations mixing it up in the old cauldron of Europe feels somehow “righter” to me than just two. More ancient populations wouldn’t surprise me.

    At the same time, let me confess that I am not a fan of “Paleo” in nutrition or in magical practice. [I’d add transportation, but nobody is suggesting that we give up automobiles and airliners for Paleo shank’s mare or wax and feather wings!]

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