‘Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes’

sacredlands Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes, papers from the spring 2013 Cherry Hill Seminary symposium, edited by Wendy Griffin, is now available for purchase from CHS.


Preface, Holli Emore

Introduction, Ronald Hutton

The Land Within, Wendy Griffin

Song of the Cattahoochee: On Being a Southern (Pagan) Witch in Atlanta’s Urban Landscape, Sara Amis

Glastonbury Syndrome: An Ecstatic Moment in Pilgrimage, Christina Beard-Moose

Born-Again Pagans: An Industrial Band Discovers Sea, Hill, and Wood, Hayes Hampton

Into the Sacred Woods: The Inner and Outer Value of a Pagan Sense of Place, Elinor Predota

Betwixt and Between the I-and-Thou, Jeffrey Albaugh

The Persistence of Romanticism in Contemporary Pagan Thought, Chas S. Clifton

My article includes comments on those by Predota, Albaugh, and Hampton, since I served as respondent to the panel session in which they were presented.

The “industrial band” was Coil, but Hampton had a little surprise awaiting him. Even though the book was produced by the Druidic house of ADF Publishing, a weird typo crept in. All of the chapter’s running heads (except two, oddly) read “Born Again Christians.”

“The return of the repressed,” he said wryly.

Printing and publishing are infested with gremlins, I always say.