A Horned God in Oklahoma?

An interesting story — a year old, but I just ran across it — about “deer men” in the 59,000-acre  Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.

“We moved to another observation site to the northeast at the base of Mount Scott, the highest point out there,” Heying said. “We did a U-turn in the parking area and as I made the turn my headlights lighted up a human figure with a head I can not easily describe.”

The creature didn’t look human. “It was as though it had the head of a buffalo or an elk, while standing upright with two legs and two arms that were human,” he said. But the eyes were what terrified him. “The eyes were a dark red.”

Read the rest — you will have to scroll down past the so-called UFO sighting.

Various explanations are offered in the comments, of course. Land wights, a god, or just a good campfire story?

2 thoughts on “A Horned God in Oklahoma?

  1. Pitch313

    I have owned a full head ram mask for years. I bought it from a mask maker who did all sorts of different animals–bears, cougars, stags, eagles, and such. And I have done ritual things using a full face Jaguar mask, too. Native Americans have made full face and full head masks for centuries. Plus, it’s a cosplay world these days.

    My first take favors humans over ETs or spirits.

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