Egyptian Reconstructionists Won’t Like This

(Trigger Warning: Texas, iced tea, demons)

From D Magazine in Dallas: “The Exorcists Next Door,” a profile piece on two Protestant exorcists.

Dozens of what appear to be demons manifest and depart during this day’s session. Larry coaxes out their names and functions, a veritable pantheon of entities known and obscure: Maranthia, who cuts wicked deals; Horus, Egypt’s falcon-headed god; Molech, who the Bible describes as “the detestable god of the Ammonites.”

What, the god of kings has sunk to possessing “the soft frame of a 38-year-old suburban mom we’ll call Ruth”?

5 thoughts on “Egyptian Reconstructionists Won’t Like This

  1. Whenever I see references to the biblical Ammonites, I can never help think of the fossil cephalopods, which always puts a much more Lovecraftian spin on matters.

  2. Medeina Ragana

    Response to Peculiar: LOL!!!! Good comment. Personally I think those “demons” are really Goa’ulds (and for those of you scratching your head, it’s a Stargate reference. ::smile::)

    1. I saw the first Stargate film, but that was in 1994, or so Wikipedia tells me, so I don’t remember the Goa’ulds. Or is that they were only in the TV series?

      1. Medeina Ragana

        It’s in the series. Good premise, sometimes good execution although towards the end there they got a little off track. It’s a fun thing to watch if you just want to have fun and not anything serious.

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