This is how the [blank] see me

I copied this from a friend's Facebook feed. I don't know where it started. This is the Internetz.

I copied this from a friend’s Facebook feed. I don’t know where it started. This is the Internetz.

In the middle of working out Contemporary Pagan Studies Group sessions and co-sponsored sessions for next November’s American Academy of Religion annual meeting.

So far this has taken hundred of emails—so it goes—and a phone call this morning from Norway. Landlines still have their place.

It feels so good to accept a proposal; and it is hard writing the rejection notices. Some people just feel that they have to dazzle you with theory and a document that sounds more like a book proposal. Dude, you have twenty minutes!

Others—and this is more insidious—seem to mistake the AAR for Pantheacon or some other Pagan gathering. We are not there for theological discourse. (Nevertheless, some people evident are there for that, and here is a take-down of them.) No crypto-theology/thealogy, please.

And I hate to read proposals where the writer already has a conclusion but has not done any research yet. Please leave some space for serendipity and the thrill of discovery, or why are you doing this?