Judy Harrow

Judy Harrow, one of the most influential East Coast American Wiccan priestesses and a damn fine writer too, is no longer with us.

You can read tributes at The Witching Hour blog, on a Facebook page, and elsewhere, I am sure.

From The Witching Hour:

As an author she contributed to a number of notable anthologies, including Rites of Passage and  the excellent Magical Religion and Modern Witchcraft. Her first book, Wicca Covens was published in 1999, and her second, Spiritual Mentoring, in 2002. Judy’s leadership skills were apparent in all of her writings, as they were in any conversation about modern pagan witchcraft.

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  1. SM

    Well, I hate to hear that. She was a real nice Lady and touched a lot of lives for the better.

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