Caffeine and the Sun God

As a freezing fog swirls through the pines, I lift my coffee mug and think of the sun — and coffee!

Solar Roast’s emblem.

Thursday was a much warmer day: M. and I went to Pueblo for supplies, and after a stop at Hercules Liquor for beer and wine, had a late breakfast at Solar Roast Coffee, whose emblem is Apollo Helios in his chariot.  (They use solar power for roasting the beans, an idea that started in western Oregon but did not stay there — not enough sunshine.)

A early-20th-century depiction of Daz Bog (Wikipedia).

And then at the grocery store I picked up a bag of Daz Bog coffee beans — another solar-connected deity. The gods and heroes are everywhere in the marketplace.

The Wikipedia article on caffeine says nothing about its divine patrons, but it seems obvious what is going on.

In his wonderful Pharmakodynamis, the section on Excitantia, Dale Pendell lists correspondences for caffeine — Planet: Sun, of course, and these, among others:

  • Realm of Pleasure: Brain
  • Rock: Granite
  • Season: Winter
  • Sign: Canis Major
  • God: Hermes
  • Goddess: Fortuna
  • Social Event: New Job

Outside, the fog is spitting graupel. Two wild turkey hens scratch under the bird feeder, looking for seeds that the little birds kicked down. Canis major is sleeping by the fire.

3 thoughts on “Caffeine and the Sun God

  1. Medeina Ragana

    Dazbog Coffee… Just came across a kid (well, she’s about 40 years younger than me) who had a tee-shirt with that on. I had never heard of this before. When I went to Wikipedia, it states that “Thus, translated literally, Dažbog would be “dispenser of fortune”. HA! Wish I had known that earlier! Being a Balto/Slav this would definitely have been a diety I would worship! And the fact that there’s a coffee store named after him… talk about “giver of wealth”! Hee hee hee…

  2. Medeina Ragana

    “I like the KGB blend. It’s interrogating.” LOL!!!

    Thanks for the link. I will check them out.

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