Paganism Coming in from the Cold?

British SF writer Liz Williams explores the social position of “paganism” (yeah, the Brits can’t find the shift key) at The Guardian and asks if we are coming in from the cold.

In essence, Pagans are muddling through, what with our tolerance for eccentricity, etc.

(And if we are, who is “Control“?)

One thought on “Paganism Coming in from the Cold?

  1. Pitch313

    The more Pagans, the more likely that they will take up functions typically associated with or assigned to religions in general.

    As one who became a Pagan because of its one-time countercultural values and stance, I tend to look at this coming in from the cold with a little bit of stink eye. I get how its happening, but I still feel what it was in those good old days. When hiding in plain sight was a vigorous part of the magic.

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