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  1. Medeine Ragana

    Considering that very few accurate information exists from the time of the Druids, how in hell do they actually *know* what the Druids did, let alone “sex magic” practices??? Did they go back in time using the TARDIS???

  2. This Druidic sex magic book uses exactly the same cover image as Mr. Hutton’s “The Druids: A History” tome, from back in 2007. I do wonder if that shall cause some confusion down the line…

    1. A public domain image?

      A comment from Phaedra Bonewits, widow of Isaac Bonewits, well-known American Druid leader: “Druids do it in droves…uh…groves. They do it in groves. Really.”

      1. Checking the inside of the dust jacket of Hutton’s book, it states that the photograph is in copyright to Adam Woolfitt/CORBIT… Whoever that is. Nevertheless, it’s a good photo, very evocative, so it’s no surprise that different people might want to use it as the cover to their work.

  3. The druids, as they are known to us from antiquity, didn’t write anything down…

    The Irish culture, from which we get the closest to anything “literate” that may have drawn upon druidic sources could be, was also hedged in taboos around discussing what actually went on sexually between any two individuals. Revealing the “secrets of the marriage bed” was a no-fault divorce-able offense if a man did it to his wife.

    Thus, the likelihood of any of this being anything other than a re-branding of appropriated Taoist, Tantric Hindu and Buddhist, and other new age sex guru practices with a slight sprinkling of duridic fairy dust is about as likely as The Da Vinci Code having anything truthful to say about the Holy Grail (i.e. close to zero, if not zero).

    Of course, you know this, but…

    1. Medeine Ragana

      Thank you. My point precisely. Also… I always thought that a lot of this “sex magic” stuff was actually taken from Alister Crowley’s ideas, which may, or may not, have been taken from Ceremonial Magic.

      1. I’m sure that’s a large contributor as well…

        I remember seeing something about “Celtic sex magic” many years ago on the internet, and it started talking about chakras and such, and of course anyone who is observant knows that by introducing that term, the game is already up…but anyway…!?!

  4. Piitch313

    I suspect that books like Sexual Practices of the Druids demonstrate a variant of Internet Rule 34 that applies to occulture, arule that runs along the lines of–Whatever topic or object of discussion or factoid exists in occulture, there will be sex magic of it. Hence, ancient and mysterious Druids = detailed and explicit sex magic of Druids. With…potions! U can brew!

    I also think that what was once little known and at least a bit underground–magic & pagan stuff–has positively gone mainstream. All popocculture sex magic! All access! All the time! I feel some nostalgia for the days when the occulture that I delved in belonged to a fandom less popular and far less well known.

    Ah well! Neo-Paganism is just a sex-magical-nado, anyhow!

  5. Piitch313

    Yes! Tree porn! Shades of Fang-porn (Tolkein would surely had some clues…Just what did Tom Bombadil? And How often?)

    What I want to add to this discussion is the sense that, surely, there’s a joke or two lurking in this topic. Say, How many Druids does it take to do sex magic? Enough to make your mistle-toe! (Ha! Ha! ROFL!) Or, you’ll know the secret at the moment you cannot help but say Wren! (YoHoHo! ROTFLMAO!) Or, Wicker Men can’t count! (Yuck! Yuck Yuck! Their robes is on fiy-ure!)

      1. Piitch313

        No. I know a few members of SCA and I probably share many outlooks and such with SCA. But whatever wacky humor I have a sense of is…spontaneous…

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