OK, It’s Their Holiday, But Really, the ATM Too?

Went to town with M. today—it’s our secular Sunday routine of coffeehouse brunch, newspapers (v. trad, that’s us), and then the laundromat and the grocery store.

The coffeehouse is owned by (extremely low-key) Christian ex-missionaries. I had checked the Facebook page to see if they were closing today for Easter — nothing posted there one way or another, so off we went.

When we arrived, however, there was a sign on the door to the effect that they were closing at noon, and the lone barista was totally overwhelmed by a long line of people all ordering cinnamon-ginger-latte-Italian soda-extra large-and-sugary drinks that take five minutes to make. (Really, why don’t they just go down the street and get a milkshake and a cup of coffee, then pour them together?)

All too soon the noon siren at the fire department blew.

With the clothes at the laundromat, we then went to the supermarket. One item on the short shopping list was potting soil, because M. is starting seeds in the greenhouse. But it was closed.

“Let’s try the hardware store,” I said. Nope, closed. Oh, and I needed cash for the week, so I walked to the bank, entered the ATM lobby and — “Temporarily Out of Service.” Now that’s really not fair. I feel marginalized and oppressed.

4 thoughts on “OK, It’s Their Holiday, But Really, the ATM Too?

  1. We decided to go do the dastardly “box store” deeds which cannot be avoided up here in the land of everything-comes-in-on-a-barge & guess what? Box stores closed! Whaaaa? I thought they never closed! Not even for Santa’s day! Even the superstore with the red circle logo: Closed! It’s a conspiracy. They must have known we wanted curtain rods. >.<

  2. Tina Clark

    I feel fortunate. I got through the entire day without even realizing it was Easter. Whole Foods was open and nobody even wished me a happy Easter.

  3. JerseyBroad

    I was surprised at just how many places were open on Sunday. Not just convenience stores, but a bakery, tobacco stores, hardware stores, pet stores, even a pawn shop. And just about every restaurant and fast food joint was in full swing. Only grocery stores seemed to be closed.
    My husband noted that nobody “Happy Easter”ed us at any of the stores we visited. I wasn’t surprised – the people who had a stake in the holiday weren’t working yesterday. For the people who were working, it was a paycheck – they didn’t care what holiday was being celebrated.

  4. harmonyfb

    I can’t count the number of patrons who were outraged on my behalf because we were open on ‘Good Friday’ – many of them were oblivious even when I pointedly remarked that “We don’t get Beltane off, either.”

    And then I had to put up with a co-worker complaining about nobody wishing her a ‘Happy Easter.’ ::SIGH::

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