Where Are the Hidden Folk?


huge boulder
The “cave” is big enough to walk into if if you bend over.

My little patch of the southern Colorado foothills may not be great agricultural land, but it does (or because it does) have boulders. Big ones.

Ever since I posted about the Icelandic huldufólk (hidden folk) documentary, I have been scrutinizing them. Is this one . . . um . . . inhabited?

It is something that I accept in theory. And I have had some interesting dreams about the hidden folk/fairies/”UFO people” (all the same thing, probably) who live inside the house walls or in invisible houses.

So maybe I need a hidden-folk consultant, like the woman at the start of the documentary, who can walk around each boulder and give a nei or as appropriate.

6 thoughts on “Where Are the Hidden Folk?

  1. Wendy Griffin

    There was a large rock quarry where my summer camp and we used to explore there. I loved climbing in and out and under the boulders, and always wondered if there would be fairies hidden there. I still use the memory of those “caves” to go into a deep meditation.

  2. There is at least one man (I think it is male) in this picture. He has a hat and even glasses.

    I took a screen capture and used a photo editor to increase the exposure so I could see into the cracks and enlarge it. At 315% I saw the man but also others that are not as clear. (They look more like the ones I see most often and I feel they may be different than this man but are aware of him.) Anyway, I cropped it and put a pink x a bit under the face. I do that with most of the ones I see to remind myself where to look again. http://flic.kr/p/e6juYi If you enlarge it a bit till you can see the x clearly look above it.

    I have not seen them with my naked eye much. I’ve felt them looking though and that’s why I began to take pictures at certain spots. I only examined this one for a few minutes and didn’t delve into other sweet spots after I found this one. I may though. It’s an interesting picture.

    Thank you for linking to the video. It is unreal to me how seriously these people are taking the topic. When I have shared the things I have found, even if people recognize that there is something in a picture, there is this subtle veil that comes over them that disallows any conversation about it or even acknowledgement of what they have seen once I tell them where I took the photos and how enlarged they may be. I wonder how they cannot be in awe, but feel to press the issue would set me clean on the cray cray side of life to them and that’s a very limiting place to be.

    I like how they described the houses and being inside them and how the hidden people come to our world sometimes. I have wondered why I see some very domesticated items in these types of pictures and that helps explain more than a few desk lamps and tables etc. that have no usual business being in the woods and only appear on close examination.

    After spending much time doing this it has become much easier. I hope as you scrutinize you will be able to see more.

  3. Yeah, you may not see it if you don’t screen cap it and enlarge. It’s not the best resolution. I take pics at the highest resolution I can to examine them better. So my screen capping isn’t the best to start off. Sorry about that. But I think if you look at your original and match up the spots, you’ll see him.

  4. T.L.

    Beautiful landscape and beautiful people. Funny, when I was a little girl, instead of seeing fairies in the rocks, my father would tell me that I was to build houses for the fairies to sleep in. On particular evenings when they were coming I would make an entire village in the sandbox. The following morning my father always reassured me that they had come. Just like the children in the film, for a couple of years, I wholly believed the traveling fairies were real and I could even see their footprints in the sand. (Unlike the adults in the film, I was not influenced by the overwhelming beauty of the sandbox, but instead by what my father told me—and I guess for the children in the film they were taught to see the fairies too.)


  5. Medeine Ragana

    What I really like about this picture is the play of shadows on the rock face. Now if I can only capture that in watercolors!

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