Ghost Girls: Witchcrap or Pop Occulture Fun?

My old friend Oberon Zell of the Church of All Worlds is backing this show because he designed some jewelry for the characters.

A Facebook commenter calls the show “the kind of CRAP our spiritual community has had to put up with for decades!”

According to the projected TV series’ website,

Janet, Crystle, and Tawnya are three attractive girls that share a close-knit sisterhood with a decidedly macabre twist. The girls were drawn together by their penchant for the unusual, supernatural – all having supernatural abilities themselves, which set them apart from the rest of the ordinary world. The “Ghost Girls” enclave is based at a haunted old Victorian house in Southern California.

And the editor in me is screaming, “How do you base an enclave?” The “girls” themselves might be based in a haunted et cetera.  Hello, dictionary please. But with all the hours of cable programming to fill, someone will probably pick it up.

Consider it another link in the evolution of the “Hollywood Witch.”


5 thoughts on “Ghost Girls: Witchcrap or Pop Occulture Fun?

  1. Medeine Ragana

    Oy! ::holds head in hands, then covers mouth as she runs to the bathroom to vomit:: I can’t believe Oberon is backing this show!

  2. happydog1960

    Dude, Oberon has *always* been a hustler. You don’t remember the “unicorn” that he sold to Barnum and Bailey (in true P.T. Barnum tradition)? You don’t remember The Grey School of Wizardry? The speaking tours and books? Of course he endorses this. He likes to make a buck.

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