Russian Seasonal Dream Rituals

I missed Orthodox Christmas by  a day, but here is an article on Russian Pagan dream practice.

 Here I’ll try to give the “taste” of the authentic Russian tradition of dream work that has very deep roots in pre-Christian culture.  Mainly the Russian tradition tells about highly practical dream incubation and tuning.  The tuning rituals are connected to certain calendar dates and periods all over the year, days of the week, and time of the day.  There is also very rich practice of using ‘magic’ objects and creating special situations for powerful dream incubation. My experience in teaching dream work shows that three days intensive in the nature is not enough to try at least either summer, or winter rituals.

One thought on “Russian Seasonal Dream Rituals

  1. Dreaming under “the cover” in mid October would correspond nicely with the first snowfall or “cover,” “blanket,” “scarf” up here also. I like that very much.
    Thanks much for the link. Dreamwork is so beautifully mutable.

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