End of Year Lists: Books, Movies

Religion Dispatches lists five important new books on alternative and metaphysical spirituality in America — I prefer that to saying they are about the “nones,” which is a vague term — yes, well, so is “alternative.”

Catherine Albanese of UC-Santa Barbara has done important work in identifying first the non-theistic “nature religion” current  in American thought and secondly the importance of the metaphysical current in the book mentioned here: A Republic of Mind and Spirit.

And one of the Pagan studies crowd, Lee Gilmore, gets a mention for her book on Burning Man. You can also read a longer interview with her at the site.

A burst of blogging at The Juggler produces lists of the worst Pagan movies of 2012, plus the best Pagan movies, environmental Pagan movies, and more — look around.

Not a year’s end “Best Of” list, but still a round-up of scientific thinking about alien life and and fictional treatments of alien invasions at Instapundit.

And may your 2013 be a “Best Of” as well.