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• I too am one who is uncomfortable with the word “faith” in Paganism because of the baggage that it carries. When I worked on a couple of collaborative projects with Evan John Jones, he sometimes spoke of the “Old Faith,” which always jarred me, even though I think that for him it was simply a synonym for “religion.” The Allergic Pagan” starts with the same discomfort and ends up defining four styles of Paganism/nature religion, which might be useful categories.

• Sam Webster starts a new blog with an opening post: “Welcome Thinking Pagans.”

• London blogger Ethan Doyle White has started a series of interviews at his blog Albion CallingThe first one was with British scholar of esotericism Dave Evans. The newest one is with me.

• And have a look at my blogger sidebar. I try to keep all links up to date — if you encounter a dead link, let me know — and you do not have to give me money to be listed.

3 thoughts on “Around the Pagan Blogosphere

  1. What a great interview! I was vaguely thinking of gathering some of the history of Pagan studies for my blog, but it looks like Ethan has scooped me. 🙂 Will link when I blog next.

  2. Medeine Ragana

    Thanks for the links to Sam Webster’s site (awesome essays!!!) and to Dave Evans site. Like I don’t have enough things to read and think about! 🙂 Along with my Coursera courses. Sigh… Need a 86-hour day. Have a Happy New Year.

  3. Chas,

    I agree 100% that we should not use the word “faith” to describe our religion(s). Faith is a major part of most Christian religions, where having faith in Jesus is paramount. Pagans, in general, don’t have “faith” in their Goddesses and Gods. They have experienced them. Using “faith” as the preferred term for “religion” buys into the framing that the major Christian religions are the only real religions, that if one does not belong to a religion based upon faith, one does not belong to a real religion. Too many Pagan writers make this mistake.

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