4 thoughts on “Save Your Data Forever (More or Less)

  1. Tried to think of a good ‘grandmother story’ joke but failed. Seriously though. If your data is really important, you should make up a myth, story, or song about it and tell it to your kids and grandkids. Or build it into your rituals and holidays. Culture is the grand backup, for good or ill.

    1. Trudy Last

      It is too bad that so many high profile pagans were dishonest about their pasts and in giving their oral histories. Grandmother stories are very useful in Women’s Studies and African American Studies, as I am sure everyone is aware. I guess it just depends on the nature of the beast. The inverse of your point is that data is just someone else’s oral history written down on a piece of paper. To a detective that piece of paper could be a matchbook cover or a napkin (and not a computer)—in fact, all the better.

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