Two Items Involving Ronald Hutton

First, an interview by Ethan Doyle White with British scholar of esotericism Dave Evans, who did his doctorate with Hutton at Bristol and speaks well of him:

Having a conversation with Ronald is a delight, and I had him to myself every 3 weeks or so, for a precious half an hour, for almost 3 years. I am a very lucky person. He is indeed a very friendly man, but no pushover when you work for him- he is a superb adviser on academic work; firm but fair, and he will not allow crap work to get through the filters- he steered, cajoled, encouraged and generally supported some very difficult stuff I was doing, at the same time as managing his perpetually massive workload in other areas.

Second, news that Professor Hutton will be hosting a program for the Yesterday Channel (half-owned by the BBC, I am told) called Professor Hutton’s Curiosities, about little-known museums in the London area. I think that one of these is the Horniman Museum. Let me know if it is any good, since I do not have satellite or cable TV.


2 thoughts on “Two Items Involving Ronald Hutton

  1. It’s a shame that you don’t have access to the Yesterday channel over there in the States, Chas. Over here in Britain, it’s one of our Freeview channels, meaning that we don’t need satellite or cable to watch it. Fingers crossed, they might well sell the show on to a U.S. channel, enabling those over the pond to catch it.

    1. Chas S. Clifton

      Some people might get the channel via cable or satellite systems, but I have neither. (Every travel I find myself in a hotel with fifty channels–and nothing worth seeing, it seems.)

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