Pentagram Pizza: Buy It by the Slice in the Occult City

pentagram pizzaDavid Metcalfe writes in depth about the “Mapping the Occult City” event that I mentioned earlier.

• The one true religion —  the Church of Aircraft. It has some bizarre rituals too.

• Dver on polytheism: “Gods are not characters.

• A rare book on witchcraft — a manual for prosecutors, similar to the Malleus Maleficarum  has been re-discovered in the library of the University of Alberta (the article is a little unclear.)

Its pages describe cackling wenches sailing across the night sky on broom sticks, frolicking in nocturnal orgies of twisted delight and casting Satanic spells to doom crops with lightning and hail.

The usual. But note that the organized persecution of witchcraft was coincidental with the rise of modernity, not the Middle Ages.