Stone Circles: Not Just for Neolithic People

“Andy Burnham, who runs the Megalithic Portal Web site and society in Surrey, England, has recorded 253 monolithic circles built in recent decades. And ‘there must be many more in private gardens that we don’t know about,’ he wrote in an e-mail.”

The New York Times profiles a Vermont man who has built more than twenty. And the writer manages to work in the controversial Pagan worship site at the Air Force Academy as well as, you guessed it, Druids — who did not build the ancient stone monuments but who remain associated with them, thanks to antiquarian writers of past centuries.

2 thoughts on “Stone Circles: Not Just for Neolithic People

  1. Medeine Ragana

    How serendipitous! I just bought a book from my local used book store by Rob Roy entitled “Stone Circles: A Modern Builder’s Guide to the Megalithic Revival” because I want to “create” one using a sculpture method I learned in a sculpture class I took at my local university of using foam as the core and covering it in concrete. Can’t afford real stone unfortunately and certainly can’t afford to *move* real stone by myself either. Sigh…. So many ideas, so little time and money.

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