Talking about Tlaloc, 5

I think it is time to rebuild the shrine to Tlaloc under the bridge — the one that was mysteriously augmented last summer.  I had taken it down before the spring run-off, which is just a memory now.

Once the heat abates a little, I need to hike back over the ridge and leave an offering at Camera Trap Spring. The rattlesnake that has been there on my last two trips is its “guardian,” I have decided. What should I bring it, a bouquet of mice?

Actually, I owe that snake a favor, since it did not bite one of the dogs when it had all the opportunity and provocation.

Got to see if the bears have attacked the current camera, too. If they have, I may cede the territory to them for a couple of months. But I will leave an offering too

Meanwhile, the fires. As a former resident of Manitou Springs, I was sweating this Waldo Canyon Fire. As a volunteer firefighter, I can say here in my area we have had an easier time so far than last year — so far — with only one little piece of excitement on Tuesday. That, and we’ll be out patrolling this weekend, looking for illegal campfires.

4 thoughts on “Talking about Tlaloc, 5

  1. I loved the story of the shrine to Tlaloc. So tickled to have you mention it again.

    Whew! …for now. Be safe out there, the fires are simply frightening this year.

  2. Medeine Ragana

    Well, in Balto-Slavic tradition, a grass snake under the house is the house’s guardian and means good luck and is fed with a bowl of milk. Not sure about rattlesnakes. Maybe just some tobacco and cornmeal? (since you’re in Native territory…)

  3. Paula

    I live in the NE corner if Colorado. Thank you for your firefighter work. I’ve now woken from several dreams with your Tlaloc shrine in mind, maybe one will appear around here soon. May rain come as well.

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