Pagans Preparing for Collapse

Archdruid John Michael Greer and the Four Quarters Sanctuary figure in this article on “doom time religion.”

Based on my limited experience, a strong religious emphasis might hold a communal group together. Otherwise, the people you need are not always the ones who want to live in the commune. The hard workers don’t want to have to carry a bunch of parasites and wannabes who think that “communal living” equals “easy.”

2 thoughts on “Pagans Preparing for Collapse

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  2. I know pagans who are doing this now, but I also know that there are plenty of Christian preppers–and people who reject religion altogether. IMO, the one thing many of them have in common is a particular vision of the end of our world and they are not very good at being able to accept ideas that run counter to that vision. The author of that article mentions solar electric as an example of something they jeer at. Not only that, but solar heat and solar hot water. Many preppers try to recreate a 19th-century farmstead with row crops instead of thinking about the greater feasability of rejecting meat as a mainstay or forest gardening. They’ll buy oil lamps instead of crank lanterns or solar-charged lanterns. Etc. There’s a lot of pop culture influence on prepping, which is not beneficial. There’s also a lot of anger and hate and I-told-you-so stuff involved that is very disturbing and saddening to me. I’ve been interested in self-reliance for a long time, but I’ve had problems with the doomers and preppers and their gleeful or vengeful attitude towards a perennial favorite concept of theirs, “mass die-off.”

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